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We deliver custom software solutions in order to help you overcome your business challenges, on-time and on-budget. Please contact us if you are ready to become a success story too!

Our Work

We Excel at...

Cloud Based Development

Microsoft Azure based solutions, AWS

Web Development

Angular 2, HTML5, CSS3

Microsoft .Net Programming

Tailored solutions to meet your business needs

Service Oriented Architecture

Backend enterprise business services

Data Science and Big Data

Analytics and AI in business decisioning

Internet of Things

Internetworking of sensors, smart devices...

Mobile Development

iOS and Android native development

Systems Integration

Connecting business systems and applications

and more...

We use Agile approach with SCRUM for all projects, so YOU are in the driver's seat.
To learn more about Agile and Scrum, please check this link here.
Since maintaining the existing applications and systems consumes over 75% of IT budgets, the ALM can help IT to better align with business goals by employing various automation and integration processes.
Software solution for physicians and dentists to help transform the healthcare by increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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40+ clients in more than 9 countries use Sharp Logica's services and products.